A/V Notes


I bring and use my own laptop for presentations. This saves worrying about software compatibility and formatting variables. I'll bring a VGA adapter and should be able to plug into your projector or A/V system.


I don't need to stand at the computer while presenting, but I  want to be able to see the display. (This allows for the occasional reminder of what slide is coming up next.) The setup shown to the right isn't the only possible one, but it's common and simple and works.


Please be sure the projector is bright enough and the ambient lighting can be made low enough that the presentation can be seen. (A gym or cafeteria awash in sunlight might be great for basketball and tater tots, but it's awfully tough on seeing and presenting a slide show.)


A sound system or speakers help with a couple of video clips in the presentation but aren't necessary.


I appreciate the interest in the presentation and hope these notes make it easy to set up for it. Please feel free to be in touch with any questions.


Thank you!